10 House Buying Tips

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For many, buying a house is like a dream comes true. Particularly for those who purchase the first time. The affiliation with your house is natural and everyone wants to make it heaven on earth. Here are some points for those who are going to buy a house.

1. Set a Budget in your mind
Budget is important not only for the purchase of a house but every need. Even when you go to market for buying some goods, a calculator works in your mind, you see the prices are written on products and your mind calculate with the amount you have and suddenly answered you to buy this one or not. Similarly, first you survey to the market value were you want to purchase a house and then set a target in your mind, this will help you in decision-making time.

2. Search area for a House
Your mind should be clear for the area / location for your house. Select area for the house were the families already lived, if a park is near to your desired location, then definitely families lived there, an area with good incomes and low unemployment. Select those districts with the good schools, even if you don’t have school going, children. This will add the value of your house when you want to sell it.

3. Visit property multiple times
It is a technical tip. Visit your selective house two to three times, sometimes in the morning and sometimes in the night, to find out the changing in noise, surroundings, and traffic. This will help when you finalized the deal.

4. Take your time
Never make a decision in a hurry, take your time. View house, at least, half an hour and think are this place were you going to live. Think positive and negative also, satisfied yourself and ask questions to you about the house with all positive and negative aspects.

5. Investigate the society
Spend some time to outside of your chosen house, walk around the general area to see the things that are a matter to you like schools, coffee shops, cafes, shops, visit at a rush time and when that all closed for security purpose, on weekdays and weekends.

6. Structure of the Building
Walk around the home to check everything, check the cracks of the wall and see the roof, make sure there isn’t any design of the water on the ceiling, this is happening during the rains when roof absorbed the water.

7. Check the switches and taps
When you are buying a house, it’s not easy to consume more money on it. Check the electric switches whether working or not. Also, check the taps in kitchen and bathroom.

8. Drainage system
The drainage system of kitchen and bathroom must check. Open the taps and see the water adequately drained. Notice the unusual smell in both important areas kitchen and bathroom.

9. Move Furniture to see cracks
The seller never tells you about the problems of the house, in fact, they try to hide from you. If you see the paintings on the wall, check there may be wall cracks you found, move furniture around to see if any crack over there.

10. Finalized the deal
You looked the property with an eagle eye, now made an offer, arrange finance, complete all legal documents, this home is yours, Congratulations.