How to Choose the Right Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen

egyptian cotton bed linen


When most of us shop for bed linens, we don’t really give it much consideration. We try to choose something that fits well in our budget but still provides us a level of comfort at the same time. With just a little bit of research, however, you will find that you are not only purchasing comfortable linens but you are purchasing those that are going to put you in the lap of luxury. Making the right choice in this regard can even make the difference between getting a great night’s sleep or tossing and turning all night long. One important factor to consider when choosing any bed linens is the type of cotton that is used. Most people don’t realize that there is actually a difference in cotton, not only in the plant itself but also in the way that is managed during the manufacturing process. If you truly want the best of the best and to enjoy a comfortable night of sleep, then egyptian cotton bed linen is the choice to make.

Just to impress upon you the importance of choosing Egyptian cotton, you can consider the way that it is manufactured and why it is such an important choice. It has to do with the strength of the fibers, which makes it durable and you can continue to wash it time after time and it will still maintain a high level of comfort. In addition, the length of the fibers is also something to consider. Egyptian cotton uses a longer fiber, which means that it has more of a moisture-wicking benefit to keep you dry and cool, all night long.

Making the choice of Egyptian cotton bed linen is priority one but there is more to consider when choosing a luxury bed linen for you or your family. One of those other factors to consider is thread count. Most people have probably heard about thread count but they may not understand exactly what it means. It’s actually quite simple to understand. Thread count has to do with the number of vertical and horizontal threads that can be found on the linen per square inch.

Not only is it important to understand what thread count is but it is also important to understand how to choose it. The more budget-friendly linens are going to be anywhere from 200-400 and as the number gets higher, the quality goes higher as well. When choosing Egyptian cotton, try to stick to a minimum of 600 thread count and if possible, shoot for an even higher number. You will not believe the difference that it makes in the comfort of the fabric.

There is nothing quite like having a nice set of linen sheets on the bed. It is a luxury that many of us enjoy and once you have them as well, you will never consider living without them. It not only helps you to get a good night of sleep, it helps you to feel better the next day.