How to Choose the Best Tiffany Lamps?

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The Famous Tiffany Lamps have been around since a long time, and many companies are manufacturing them. They come in various colors and shapes. You can pick the one of your choices for your home. Original Tiffany lamps made by Tiffany could cost over 2 million dollars. There are many available on the market now and here is how to choose the best ones for yourself. If you can manage to get one of superior quality, it will be somewhat like the original ones. You can use Tiffany lamps for both their aesthetical value and for maintaining the required amount of light in your bedroom. Incase if you are among those who like to read books before falling asleep than Tiffany Lamp is a best choice for you. Let us explain more about these beautiful and useful lamps

Check The lamp shade

The lamp shade should not be of any other material mainly plastic. It should be glass. The designs on the glass should tell you from the first look if it is a Tiffany lamp. Usually, lamps do not have designs on the lamp shade. You need to touch it from the top and even on the inside to see if it made of glass. Ask the sales person to turn on the light so that you can check. The lampshade will be containing bright colors. The color is supposed to change a bit when you light it up.

Also, see how they’re made:

Verify the base and the top

The bottom and the top of the lamp should be similar and go with the style of the light. The top can be too pointy or less. The color of the base and the top has to match. They both can be either brown, black or orange. They both can be of either zinc alloy, copper or any other metal. Before you jump into a Tiffany lamp, you must see if the base is alright. Is it firm enough or will get knocked over? A Tiffany lamp is not that easy to fall over. Be sure that the place where you are going to keep is perfect for it.

Decide the color

Before you go to buy the lights, you need to decide what color you want. They come in many colors like green, yellow, blue and red. You are going to put a yellow light on it, but the lamp shade will cause a different effect. You should know where you are going to keep it and what its purpose is. If the purpose is to provide a lot of light, then go with one that has a white lamp shade with several flowers on it. If you are thinking of creating a dramatic effect, you can go with a blue one covered with black geometric patterns. If you do not have a particular purpose, you can go with a multi-colored one. You can look for deals before buying with a high price. Tiffany lamps are beautiful, and nobody ever had any complaints about them.

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