Pros and Cons of Renting a House

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The Freedom Aspect

Pros: If you landlord or an owner of a house, want to move somewhere else is so difficult. You either sell your house or rent it to someone. The worst situations you may face when you have to sell your home at a steep loss.

Cons: You are dependent on the owner of your house. Once you set your home according to your thought, and suddenly you received a notice from the owner that you will be leaving the house in 3 months. It is not easy to go a house where you spent some time in your life. At this stage, a renter thinks about his house.

The Financial Expenditures

Pros: When you stay at a hotel, and the internet is not working then what you do? You immediately call the authority and ask to fix it. This is same like pros of renting a house, all the maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of an owner, this makes renting a home much appealing. The satisfaction not to fix the drainage problem of your bathroom is give so relief.

Cons: The world is full of bad peoples, if your owner is not good, it is your misfortune. If you face any difficulty due to maintenance or repair work at your home, that never get fixed or fixed too late due to irresponsible attitude of the owner. Remember, to prevent the situation like that, you must know about the “Renter Rights” that will protect you by law.

Personalize the Home

Pros: Leasing company or owners of the home allow you to personalize the home as you want. Many owners will let you hanging pictures, paint and keep up the landscaping on a rental house. You are much luck if you get these qualities in an owner, don’t take it for granted and always caring for the rental property as your own.

Cons: Many landlords and owners don’t allow you for any alteration don’t to the house. Its means no hanging pictures were you want due to possible holes. You will live their existing paint as it is. Usually, the turnover rate of new tenants is much better, so the home owner doesn’t want to utilize money on the existing residents. You must talk about the décor flexibility with your owner about your problems.

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